The large format camera made mainly from the discarded pallet wood stained with the expired instant coffee. The make of the camera is following my research into the Caffenol process – the photographic processing using the coffee mix as a developing agent. Almost every part of the camera is crafted – the body, the bellows, the ground glass, the lens ring and the shutter too. The camera can take standard 4x5 inch film holder. The lens board can be changed and the different diameter iris can be inserted behind.

The camera is not for sale.
The body of the camera: discarded pallet wood and dish dryer wood, 6mm birch wood, coffee stain, antique pine wax

Bellows: Buckram bookbinders cloth, 300gsm paper

Lens ring and screws: brass

Ground glass: 400grid

Lens: double convex lens 38 mm in diameter and 150 mm focal length
Technical information:
4x5 inch Large Format Camera Obscura, 2018/2019
Bellows were build according Rene Smets's manual: