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"Known to somebody as "AYTACRAYTA". Aytacrayta is a magic spell, a spell which makes you wonder. The magic of light."
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4x5 inch
Alternative Processes
Caffenol Experiments, Rotterdam and the Trip to the Sea Coast, 2018
27g of waterfree washing soda (Heitmann brand available in DM in Germany) dissolved in approximately 166 ml of water
8 g of vitamin C (pure ascorbic acid from a pharmacy in Belgium) dissolved in approximately 166 ml of water 
20g of instant coffee (Albert Heineoploskoffie instant espresso available in the Netherlands) dissolved in approximately 166 ml of water

This became a very international project for me.. currently, I am based in Rotterdam and could not get all ingredients (the zilver soda was not waterfree but kind of worked if the amount was multiplied 2.7times, pure ascorbic acid is not sold to the public in pharmacies because apparently it is used in the heroin industry...). 

At first, I started with dissolving the coffee and vitamin C in the separate containers in approximately 30 degrees water. Then I dissolved the washing soda in the separate container in approximately 20 degrees water (the waterfree soda raises the temperature, but the decahydrate one which I got in the Netherlands is dropping the temperature..). Then I mixed the ingredients in the given order (soda, vitamin, coffee) so it gave me half a litter of the solution and then I waited until the temperature dropped to 20 degrees (left it in the cold bath and mixed regularly).

10 initial agitations and 3 every minute. Then rinsed with water with two tablespoons of vinegar (agitated 3 times), then rinsed with water (agitated 3 times), then again rinsed with water (agitated 3 times) - that would take about a minute. Then applied fixer with 10 initial agitations and 3 every minute for 5 minutes. Then rinsed 10times with water and 10 agitations. 

Developing time was:
16 minutes for Fujifilm colour 200 ISO
12 minutes for Ilford FP4 125 ISO