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The Jungle
The Journey
London Series
"Known to somebody as "AYTACRAYTA". Aytacrayta is a magic spell, a spell which makes you wonder. The magic of light."
Street Photogrpahy
Food Not Bombs
Ostrava Industrial
4x5 inch
The images were taken in the refugee camp Jungle, in Calais, which I was visiting on my cycling journey across Europe in June 2016. I hold the pinhole photography workshop with teenagers using my tent as an improvised darkroom. It seemed to be difficult to convince everybody that the found shoe box can be a camera, but when the first images appeared in the developer it was almost impossible to get boys out of my tent. For the security reason, it was recommended not to take any photos in the Jungle. Due to the long exposures, the identities of boys are kept in their blurriness.
The Jungle, 2016
Pinhole Photography
27/10 - 28/11/2017 - OFFO 2017, Festival of Pinhole Photography, Jastrzębie-Zdrój, Poland

09/08 - 30/09/2017 - Made Summer Open Exhibition 2017 at Cardiff Made, Cardiff

7/5 – 7/6 2017 - The Journey, solo pinhole photography exhibition, Arthouse Gallery – TyCelf Oriel, Aberystwyth

26 – 30/4 2017 - London Pinhole Festival, annual group exhibition of pinhole photography, Four Corners Gallery, London
The series exhibited:
If you like to read the whole story from my visit to the Jungle, please, refer to my travel blog post The One About the Pinhole Magic in the Jungle here:
The Jungle I., II., III., IV., 2016

All images taken with a shoe box camera, exposure approximately 30 seconds, 5x7 inch photographic paper Ilford, size of the prints: 10.8 x 12.7 inch, price: £50 each