Artist Statement
The Last Supper
"Anything you can imagine is real"
Pablo Picasso
I used to cycle to my school every day via Pontcanna fields and Bute park in Cardiff. Every day I saw lots of rubbish, especially beer and coke cans, laying around in the grass and bushes like the mushrooms after the rain. Have people been careless to throw them to the bin? Did squirrels and seagulls began to drink?

As a pinhole photographer and craftivist I am questioning what can be done in the space I occupy.

I started with picking up the rubbish... I am tracking the gps location and taking a digital image recording its visual position. I clean the rubbish and turn it into the pinhole camera. Afterwards, I place such cameras in the same position as found and take the pinhole image from their perspective. Who is the photographer? Suddenly, it is not me who dictates the resulting photograph but people who left the rubbish on the spot and finally, the rubbish itself. When I am finished I load that information with the image into the open map and leave the camera on site for anybody to pick up and take away. The qr code is sticked on it so anybody who finds it can track all information.

We are trying to make our homes tidy and cosy. Nevertheless, few streets away we do not care so much. The concept of the ownership goes alongside with the responsibility. Accepting the space we live in as our home we are accepting the need to care for its image. The pinhole images are showing the world in its own imperfections. The finger prints, the ghosts and the patches of the developer are revealing the material quality of the light-sensitive material. The wide angled view and the greyish tone is resembling the view of the alien who is watching us from a distance. Turning the alien into much serious and global problem than just littering one street behind our house.

The map was released as the part of the Made in Roath festival 2017 in the 15th of October and continues tracking the hoard of the world anywhere I go. The map is divided according to the type of found rubbish with the prevalence of the aluminium cans which are the most common type of found rubbish and the most common type of pinhole camera too. Let me know if you find the camera or if you are interested into making a picture.
If you like photography, take a pinhole picture and contact me at aytacrayta@gmail.com and I can develop the picture for you depending on where I am. If you like the environment, recycle the thing in the bin!

For now you can take an inspiration from Jennifer, a woman who found one beer camera and took an image which she is now selling on her etsy shop page:
One Night Home
Wheelchair Friendly
Silicon Heaven
Studio Karel
Own Your Own Space
Plastic Society
Pedal Power
Own Your Own Space, 2017 - ongoing
The interaction in the public space through the creative influence and my dissertation research project developing on ideas of New Materialism, Thing Theory, Antropocentrism and Object-Oriented-Ontology called "The Hoard of the World Seen Through the Eye of an Aluminium Can".
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See the gallery of pinhole pictures taken from a perspective of found rubbish:
Research // Public Art
Pin15, taken with a juice box, Cardiff, 2017
Pin31, taken with a beer can, Cardiff, 2017