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"Known to somebody as "AYTACRAYTA". Aytacrayta is a magic spell, a spell which makes you wonder. The magic of light."
Street Photography
Food Not Bombs
Ostrava Industrial
4x5 inch
Pinhole images taken from the perspective of the found rubbish mapping the world's hoard. Project started in Cardiff and continues where ever I go and spot rubbish.

"There are two splendid parks which spread from the Castle to the Cardiff Metropolitan University in the North. The Bute park and the Pontcanna fields are covered with the green grass carpets and the ancient trees. The wild river Taff is splitting them in a half. They belong to my favourite places in Cardiff. Every time since I was commuting to university, nature was invaded by the traces reminding the presence of humans. The litter. The quickly consumed containers were growing in the bushes like mushrooms after the rain.

My practice lies down in pinhole photography and the initiatives in the public sphere. As a pinhole photographer, I decided to respond to the call of rubbish. I made pinhole cameras out of the found treasures, carefully inserting them on the same place in the same position to take the pinhole image from their perspective. The aluminium cans were prevailing. How is the world seen via the eyes of those rejected objects? And is it me who is the photographer or the object itself? Is the image decided beforehand by the person who left the object on the place, by the wind which blew it to the site, or by the seagull that played with the rubbish until it got bored? According to the New Materialist movements, there is a whole lot of factors which influence the photograph. The thingness of the pinhole image can reveal a distorted reality of our world which was not seen before." (Davidova, 2018)

I cotinued on converting the rubbish into the pinhole cameras anywhere I went and loaded the pinhole image with the GPS information locating the rubbish into the online map. The cameras are left on the site for anybody to pick up and take away. We are trying to make our homes tidy and cosy. Nevertheless, few streets away we do not care so much. The concept of the ownership goes alongside with the responsibility. Accepting the space we live in as our home we are accepting the need to care for its image. The project is on the cross of public art/pinhole photography/craftivism. Unless we stop littering the public space it will continue recording the hoard of the world.
Own Your Own Space, "The Hoard of the World Seen Through the Eyes of an Aluminium Can", 2017-ongoing
Pin42, taken with a beer can, Cardiff, 2017
Pin43, taken with a beer can, Cardiff, 2017
Pin58, taken with a beer can, Cardiff, 2017
Pin15, taken with a juice box, Cardiff, 2017
Pinhole Photography
Pin64, taken with a take away coffee cup, London, 2017
Pin65, taken with a beer can, London, 2017
Pin75, taken with a soda can, Rotterdam, 2018
Pin55, taken with a soda can, Cardiff, 2017
Pin31, taken with a beer can, Cardiff, 2017
Pin2, taken with a beer can, Cardiff, 2017
Pin22, taken with a beer can, Cardiff, 2017
Pin96, taken with a soda can, Odessa, 2018
Pin101, taken with an energy drink can, Mukachevo, 2018
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