Artist Statement
4x5inch LF Camera
The Bowl
Bronze Medal
"Making through thinking. Thinking through making."
The project was focused on bringing 2D object and the observation of the real world into the 3D practice. For my observation I did not need to go so far, I have chosen my windowsill and the objects which are placed on it as the traces of my memory.

At first, I draw the whole scene. I could easily take a photograph but the drawing brought me closer to my memories. As I draw the objects I was remembering how I got them, what they mean to me, what is the story. I took a baking paper and draw the grids to locate my memories with the written introduction.

My favourite shape was a seaweed. When I decided what I will bring into the 3D form, I started to think about the possible materials. I was particularly interested in the natural materials. It was just the Autumn outside and I was cycling every day through the beautiful Pontcanna Fields. The leaves were sprinkled everywhere around and suddenly I got inspired to use them for my outcome. They are falling down of the trees like the little pieces of the tree’s memory and their structure also reacts and changes the form in time and environment.

With the light behind the object it could be used as a dim lampshade.
Beetroot Shelf
Siteless, 2016