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"Known to somebody as "AYTACRAYTA". Aytacrayta is a magic spell, a spell which makes you wonder. The magic of light."
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4x5 inch
I am willing to prepare workshops for people interested in the process of pinhole camera making. As well as, I can run the workshop related to developing your own b&w film with traditional processing or with caffenol, or making cyanotype prints. None of those necessarily need darkroom.

I have the experience with running the workshops in London where I had my studio in Cable Street Studios, Limehouse. During the workshop I try to bring a bit of everything so participants will get to know a brief history of pinhole photography and what are the principles of taking pictures with pinhole camera, will make own pinhole camera, take pictures and develop them (if the darkroom is provided). The workshop is divided into two parts so you can participate on both or choose to attend 1) introduction to pinhole photography and making pinhole camera or 2) taking pictures (I can lend you my camera) and developing.

All of my pinhole cameras are made from found, given or unwanted boxes or the old boxes I bought on the flea markets.

I am currently based in Cardiff. Although, I am going to be in Tilburg, the Netherlands, from September 2019.

Please send any questions and enquiries to michaela.davidova[at]hotmail.cz or aytacrayta[at]gmail.com
The Box, 2014

Human size pinhole camera made for a Cultura center Cooltour, Ostrava, the Czech Republic
The Camera Obscura Creature, 2017

Making boxes into the cameras at a family day with Made in Spring Festival, Cardiff
The Pinhole Workshop, 2015

Workshop held in Cable Street Studios, London
Image by Stefano Meluni (on picture with Giorgia Sciannameo)