Photographic Garden Symposium and the hybrid chemigram workshop, Leeds

22–08-2022 - Hybrid Chemigram Workshop, Take it Easy Filmlab, Leeds
24–08-2022 - Talk at Photographic Garden Symposium, Leeds Arts University

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Symposium speakers:
- Hannah Fletcher - Welcome
- Martha Cattell - Carbon Capture: The materiality of seaweed in film and image-making
- James Sewell - Developing with locality: Alchemy and plant based developers
- Charlotte Smithson - Still Photography
- Jon Bradley - The Vertotype - Herschel’s Nettle Cyanotype (presented by Hannah Fletcher)
- Matthew Beach - Photographic Colour Theory: Reflections in Analogue Practice
- Marjolaine Ryley - A Delicious Garden - Plants, Images and a Search for the Authentic Self
- Michaela Davidova - Constructed wetlands & Deconstructed borders
- Felix Loftus - Ecological Paradigms within Digital Photography
- Edd Carr - closing remarks

In September I spent time in Leeds finishing my artist in residence with the talk at the Photographic Garden Symposium organised by the Sustainable Darkroom collective at Leeds Arts University. My talk named Constructed Wetlands & Deconstructed Borders was bringing closer the reserach on the wastewater treatment method and its use in the photographic darkroom and my conceptual conclusions on the sustainable practice that leads to establishing relationship and deconstructing borders between humanature.

Prior to the talk I had a workshop in making hybrid chemigrams giving context about the process, my concept and research for the Sustainable Darkroom.

Hybrid chemigram process, digestion and exploration of the insides, Michaela Davidova, 2022

Photographic Garden Symposium organised by the Sustainable Darkroom at Leeds Arts University, September, 2022