Hello, I am Michaela and I come from the Czech Republic. I am an artist, photographer and maker. I study Artist Designer Maker at Cardiff School of Art and Design.

I arrived in London in July 2013. I changed many jobs in hospitality and worked in a most peculiar antique shop in Teddington. Since my arrival, I knew I must work on my creative passions and by the March 2015, I rented a studio in Fig Row Studios Limehouse to establish my practice as a craftivist and a pinhole photography artist under the name AYTACRAYTA - the magic word which keeps me under the spell of the upside down pierced world.

In London, I was cooperating on a few public art-related projects with my friends and artists Frankie Clark and Tera Pechmannova. My work often questions the shared responsibility, the waste society and our relationship to the environment.

At university, I gained craft skills as a maker. I learned how to make through thinking and think through making. My artworks are often driven by context and my areas of interest are the alternative photography techniques, sustainability, environmental sculptures and installations, found objects, psychogeography and craftivism. I am very keen in displaying the artworks in the public realm and in sharing my knowledge with others via workshops.
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