Heads listening to belly sounds


The photographic series of hybrid chemigrams/chemilumens and alternative photographic processes such as cyanotype on agar agar that explore the relation of our selfs and bellies. As I come from the culture that highlights thinking as a core of my being, I dive into my material self through the practice of belly listening.

‘my belly makes noises, therefore I am’  

‘my belly is a consortium of many, therefore I am’

I am an enthusiastic collector of found shopping lists and as I go through the ingredients I am fascinated by their intra-action inside our guts and on the photographic paper.

Within my practice I also learn about digestive processes of plants and multiple beings helping me to understand the symbiotic relationships we can nurture. 

1 week fermented fotographic paper in the leftover kimchi water and exposed with a contact print.

Lemon juice and stearic acid on a photographic paper exposed with a contact print as a lumen process.

‘Heads listening to belly sounds’ is series of chemigram images incorporating different ingredients inspired by the found shopping lists.

From the collection of found shopping lists.

Julia’s head listening to belly sounds, cyanotype on agar agar laid on glass, 2022