The Bowl, 2018
For a group exhibition of bowls at CSAD I made the bowl out of the recycled aluminium. The aluminium was sourced from the melted aluminium cans of beverages littered and found around Cardiff. It follows my research of waste society and littering in public spaces and the project Own Your Own Space. I have noticed that the vast majority of litter is composed of the aluminium can. That made me very concerned because raw sourcing of the aluminium is very energy and environmentally demanding process while recycling is very effective. How come that there are so many cans laying around? I believe that the policy in Cardiff should change and we should talk about recycling more.

I have chosen two palms as a shape of the bowl because I see it as a symbol of coming closer to nature and purity. The first ever container we were used to drinking from was our palms. But hands can be seen also as the symbol of asking for help and achieving something together. Truly I believe that the positive change comes from our consciousness that we are "in it" together.
12/06 - 16/06 2029 - Going in Circles, solo exhibition, Hoxton 253 art project space, London

12/11 – 18/11 2018 - The Bowl, the group exhibition, Cardiff School of Art and Design Foyer Space, Cardiff