"The Kelpies I. and II.", Scotland, 2015

Taken with a "ńĆajbox camera", an exposure approximately 1 second, Fomapan 100 ISO bw film, size of the print: 11.5 x 24 inch, for sale
listen to the composition of Josue W. Amador here:
The Bin, positive and negative print, 2016

beer can pinhole camera, exposure time unknown, 80 cm wide

Going in Circles, solo exhibition, 12/06 - 16/06 2019, Hoxton 253 art project space, London
Triptych, 2018

Image report from John Michael's exhibition "With Love, from Jingdhezen". Taken with the 4x5 inch Camera Obscura on photographic paper Kentmere Fine Lustre, developed with a conventional technique
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